Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Cat Tom

Well... This is Tom.. A stray cat which worked its way into our home and into our hearts...
We met Tom about an year back when he used to pay us visits during lunch and dinner at our backyard.. He decided to stay there when he realised there was lots of good stuff for him to eat there.. we never let him into the house though..
He was very naughty when he was a kitten.. one fine day he coudn't resist the milk packet and had a go at it in the morning.... my dad decided it was time to send him away... we did put him in a sack and sent him away with somebody we knew.. Tom found himself in a new unfamiliar place far away.. but he managed to find his way back after 3 days.. all lean and starving... he let out a pitiful meow and we decided to let him stay..
In course of time he learnt not to steal... or else its a sharp crack on his head.. so we had no problems with him..
All was well until a couple of stray dogs strolled into our area..
It was too hard for those two to resist a plump, overfed, lazy cat lounging in the warmth of the winter sun, after a sumptuous meal..
What followed is a nightmare when we think about it even now.. the canines dragged him into the bushes, there were lots of scrapping, bruising, woofs, meows, howls etc... until we chased those dogs away..
Poor Tom was badly hurt.. bleeding all over, deep gashes in the neck, head, eyes...
we kept him safe inside the house, since the dogs were still after him..
Finally we called the blue cross people, who took him in a cage, treated him for about a week and brought him back..
Tom is no more playful nowadays.. still shaken by the incident.. He lost his eyesight in one eye we think.. since its kind of grey in color.. he still is recovering both mentally and physically..
He's slowly becoming his old self.. until then he's getting 5 star treatment at home.. We are glad to have our Tom back..

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