Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stop!! Think!!

This one touched me very much... U wil never regret spendin ur time readin this..

The cell-phone beeped, just enough to grab the attention of the totally engrossed Mithun who was trying hard to fix an issue in the code that he had just written. The message of course stole a portion of his attention as it was from his better-half Diya and it just said 'Honey, I have met with a minor accident, nothing to worry I am on my way back' home. "Mithun, you got to hurry the boss is already at his seat, I hope you are done with the presentation" was the curt reminder call given by his Lead. Mithun who was about to dial Diya's number had to momentarily postpone the enquiry call!!!! Hurrying his eyes through the monitor he took a final look at his ppt.Reaching the conference room Mithun hardly knew that the session would take away his time and memory enough to even forget that he was to ask Diya how she was!!!! It was a usance for Mithun to give a daily evening call to Diya. The cell rang and by the ringtone Diya knew it was Mihtun's call. Excitedly walking towards the cell, she opened the flip of her phone and said a 'Hello' in a tone enough for even a lame man to know she needed someone to cheer her up. 'Hi, what's my baby doing, don't ask me I am going nuts trying to fix this code, I don't know if I'll be able to complete this module even today' Mithun said. There was a long drawn silence from Diya's end. "Hello, You there""You forgot""Forgot what?" Mithun had still not gathered from the hint."Never mind forget it, what time are you coming home?""No tell me, what happened? I am sorry I am really stressed out, Please…What happened" was all Mithun said. "My accident, you forgot so soon, what If I had really injured myself,Godddd how can you be so uncaring"Mithun knew he had called for yet another hen-pecking session from Diya, but he truly regretted for having totally forgotten about it. "When will you ever understand It's not always your work, don't I mean anything to you, just tell me, you always do this""Look I can't fight when I am here at office" was what Mithun whispered in return and the phone went blank on Diya's end. As she slowly closed the flap of her cell, an unknown fear sank in Diya's heart. Where was her marriage heading? This was not the same Mithun she knew during her college days even a sneeze would have called for a dozen medical counseling! That day Mithun returned at 5a.m in the morning, and saw Diya snug fast asleep in the mink blanket. She looked as cute and warm as ever. Whatever she did or said had never failed to loose even an ounce of Mithun's love. Slowly tiptoeing across the room, he reached up to her forehead and planted a feathery kiss.Mithun sank in his arm chair slowly getting lost in issues that definitely needed his thinking. He was getting more stressed at his work; he too had begun to realize that there had to be an end to all that. He was working like a maniac, No food ,no sleep, Traffic jams on the way back home,' THE MACHINE' had taken over his life. By the end his long thought process Mithun had decided something concrete. Something that would change everything from then on. Diya was always the first to return home from work, the next day trying to unlock the door a lot of times, Diya suddenly got scared who it could be inside her house at 6.30p.m!!!! Had someone found the secret place where she kept keys for Mithun when he returned late in the morning at times!!! Frantically searching for her cell in her purse, she finally reached for it and dialed Mithun's number. 'The Hutch number you have called is busy, Please try again later'Diya thought Mithun was in 'YET ANOTHER' one of his company meetings!!!Just then the door went 'Click!! Clack!!'OPEN and it was Mithun standing there."How tough was it for you to understand that if the door is not locked by the keys and hatched from inside then it has got to be me" Mithun grinned as he said this. Diya was surprised he was home by 6.30!!! The earliest he had ever returned was 8.30p.m!!!"How come you are back so soon?" "You Ok?""Of course how do I look?" Mithun snapped back…"Forget all that now and tell me how much more time you are going to take for getting ready?" "Ready, for what?" Diya queried."Got tickets for Pirates of Caribbean, 7.15 show, so…""Coolll, will be right back" Diya said chirpily.As she entered her room,She found a huge box of her favorite chocolates. She came out and "Kinna, who gave you this box of chocolates" Kinna was the name she used to call Mithun, when she was all in lovey-dovey mood. Moving across to her and giving her a cozy hug "Actually one of my admirers gave me, but I have been good enough to give it to you" he said with a wink in his eyes. "Yeah right! It's not good to give one's gift to another and by the way for this partly bald and grey haired husband of mine I assume even an admirer would give nothing more than a hair dye or a wig" Diya laughed. "Very funny, I got it and it's for you, really sorry about yesterday, I don't know how it slipped out of my mind so easily, but I am really thankful to god that you are perfectly allright"Mithun said."Thank you, you always make me feel so special, I guess I should have been more understanding" Diya replied back and gave Mithun a warm hug, with a smile on her lips. She had realized that Nature had taught her lesson to Mithun. All our lives are closely related to the story above, it's in our hands to draw a thin line between professional and personal lives and plan and organize things in such a way to know where former ends and the latter begins.

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