Friday, June 25, 2010

Guardians of the Glacier and other stories

I started this blog with the hope of updating regularly. did not happen. I just looked and my last post was in June 2009. Not that there has been nothing to write about, but didn't feel up to it.
I got a promotion. Not at my work place but at home. I'm a dad now. scary and exciting at the same time. We've got a little baby girl to take care of now. She is almost 2 months old. But it looks like she will take care of herself pretty much.
My In-laws are here. I'm off the hook until they leave, in a couple of months. But at the same time it would be nice to be alone as a nuclear family(?) after they leave just relax and unwind. Meanwhile I have to repeatedly think about ways to keep them occupied atleast my FIL, and take them out to see places which is pretty hard since they dont want to budge from home. This is one of those times I miss the Bay Area. Lot of things to do, especially for them.
We are out of drinking water.
So I went to the local HEB(grocery chain in Texas) to buy drinking water. There is a glacier water fountain outside the store. I parked my car and started walking towards the machine with a couple of dollar bills in one hand and my 3 gallon can in the other. As I went near the thing suddenly something white and furry shot out from underneath the machine dragging some other thing which was dark and furry and started barking at me furiously. I got the shock of my life. Turned out they were two dogs chained together and left there by their intelligent owner who was in one of the nearby shops, blissfully unaware of my predicament.
Mr. White dog was extremely protective of Ms. Brown dog and was barking at me with much gusto while Ms. Brown dog didn't give a damn but was mildly annoyed at being dragged along for the ride. She had no choice coz they were chained together. So I beat a hasty retreat and at the same time started planning out my strategy. Should I tell my wife that i was not allowed to fetch her water by the Guardian Beasts of the Glacier? She's not going to buy that. So I stepped into the store and smiled at one of the red t-shirt clad store employees. I told her of the situation. She immediately went into battle mode. She picked up the phone and called the manager explaining the situation and then through PA system announced the kind people who left their pets near the water fountain to "kindly claim them and also retrieve their common sense from wherever they've parked it"... ha.. that would have been a perfect announcement.
So the good manager, a wise man, came out, took a look at the dogs and waited along with me a little distance away from the dogs and the glacier machine. Mr. White was keeping a wary eye on both of us and was decided tha the distance we were maintaining was ok. Then a nice lady, came rushing out who turned out to be the assistant manager of the store and before we could say a word rushed towards the dogs cooing "ooh hello doggy doggy!!". All hell broke loose. She ran back inside at double the speed with her tail between her legs and I haven't seen her since. Finally I couldn't wait any longer and went inside the store and bought a couple of gallon cans. I came out and the dogs were gone. I bet the owners were not that dumb are atleast retrieved the common sense first. That is why they hid somewhere until we all walked back inside and quietly took their dogs away when nobody was looking!

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