Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You may see the target, but have to cross the gap to reach it.

He trudges along, one weary step after another,following the steps of the hazy shadow leading his way. His mind is unable to comprehend anything anymore. He looks up and around, blinking in the unforgiving harsh lights. He could see a myriad of colorrs around him, in his mind's eye. Was it real or imagined? He knew somewhere deep down that the end is near. There!! he could see it! The destination is near! The red sign marks it! With renewed hope he follows the shadowy figure.
He hears a voice asking him something..the voice.. he knows the voice.. very familiar..it is coming from the shadow.. his brain barely registers a few words, "do..think..that..look..me?".
Wait! the blurred figure has started moving away from the destination. No! He can't take it anymore!! He shakes his head in frustration and groans in anguish. His hopes dashed, he resigns himself to his fate, a broken man.He knows that there is no way out now, not for another one hour atleast.
The figure stops looks at him and again and asks "Honey, do you think this dress will look good on me? umm.. How about this one?"

Life goes on :)

Now read the title again
You MACY the TARGET, but have to cross the GAP to reach it. ;)

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