Tuesday, December 18, 2007

There are some days...

Its 3 PM. Me at work. Utterly famished. Its all my fault. Should've
had some more of that nice meal(with an overdose of love) my VN prepared for me. Too late to lament about that.
What are my options? Well, there is that vending machine down on the
sixth floor. So I pick my lazy self up and climb down to the sixth floor. There's the vending machine!
Hmmm.. what should I have today. I spend some time gawking at the burgers, sandwiches etc. Finally decide on a burger. Wait.. How 'bout some chips to go along with it.
Ha! Those crispy TGI Friday Potato skins will go along wonderfully well.. and why not a can of good ol' coke.. With these utterly important decisions made, me reaching for my
wallet..anticipating the moment I sink my teeth into the hot and juicy burger, add a crunchy salty potato skin on the side, take a swig from the cold can of coke.. oh bliss!!
Ahem.. This is were I'm jolted back to reality. I have my wallet. I do have a lot of cash in it. Those dollar bills mocking me. Got a few tens and twenties and even a large 100. But not a single measly dollar bill.Not a single quarter either. Kodumai da saami. what a bummer.
FLASH(an inspiration).. I remember I have some loose change in my cubicle locker. I dash upto my cube one floor up, rummage around and... no quarters. pennies? yes. five cents?
yes. but not a single quarter.


You should realize that by now I'm utterly desperate..
FLASH (Another inspiration). I look left and right. Sneak into my colleague's cubicle to "borrow" some quarters.(He's on vacation, you see ;) ). Dash back to the machine, drop the coins in and take a packet of potato skins out. thats all I could get for whatever change I had. :(

I walk back to my desk with my spoils. I hear a voice calling out to me. It was M, an american colleague. Talking loudly with his mouth full. (He always does that. Such an irritating habit. I'll tell you all about him in another post.)

M: Hey, Howzzit goin'?
me: Gud I guess.
M : Duude, didja scheck oudthde panthry?
me: huh?
M: Shomebodhy's b'dhay parthy, on this floor. Shtill a 'ole lotta cake
and chips lefth over there, man.
me(eyebrows raised, with a what-a-filthy-glutton-you-are look): Oh
yeah? Not for me. (varattu gowravam)
(to myself: !!@#$$^ why didnt I go there in the first place?)

With a curt nod, I walk to my cube with an air of nonchalance. After a furtive glance confirmed that M is out of range, I hurriedly sneak back to the pantry and get myself a large portion of
the goodies.
Almost reached the safety of my cube, when whom else should i meet? M of course! Surely on his way back to help himself to another portion of the stuff.
He took one look at me, cocked his head to one side.
"Changed your mind, eh?". A lopsided grin.
Me vazhinjufication and with a sheepish grin, "yeah. heh heh" and make a hurried exit.

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