Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Freedom of the Press

At one point of time, sometime in the past few months, I decided that I would not read certain news items even if its the most popular news item on and getting maximum number of hits. I'm talking specifically here about poor Britney Spears. For God's sake leave her alone!! She's got enough problems already. It might be her fault for the state she is in, but I guess even a celebrity would need some privacy. She has messed up her life totally and the most humane thing we can do is to let her sort out her things in peace.
There are so many other important stuff in the society the press can report about. But its not the press's fault too! They give what the general public want the most. Its us. You and Me!! We love gossip especially if its something as juicy as the colorful life of Britney. So the finger is finally pointing towards you and me. So i decided to do my part and stop reading any trash news about Spears or Winehouse or Lindsay for that matter. I hope every individual who cares for the betterment of the society we live in, takes this decision. This will ensure a press which works for the development of the society and not bombard us with gossip-quality news.

I'd written the above and saved it in draft a few days ago. And in todays news they say the cops have arrested(later released after a few hours) a few photogrphers from sleazy tabloids who were chasing celebrities to snap some controversial pics.

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Curious said...

Yup totally agree... Poor she..Some times all we need is time and space!

But then how many ppl do really care about such celebs... Some really do! Cos ppl think its amusing that some one who could have all the riches and fame yet does a monkey business of their lives...


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