Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

I opened the door. It was beautiful. The whole world was white. The leaf-less tree limbs covered with crystals of ice through out the sunlight in all directions. It was all shiny. I took a single step. whoooooosh!! screeech!! $%^%$*%*. I failed to notice that the ground was covered with a layer of hard shiny ice. Thankfully I regained my balance and averted a painful collision between my backside and the hard pavement. I stood there afraid to move. Slowly tried to take a step and again I lost balance. After thrashing about wildly and doing various types of snazzy dance moves, (I really dont know how many of those indian families in the nearby apartments watched my performance that day) I managed to place my feet in ankle deep snow. The cold promptly started seeping through my shoes, socks, skin, tissue and upto my bone. Anyway I managed to plod throught the snow upto my car, which was ofcourse encrusted in a box of shiny ice. I held on firmly to the nearby vehicles took out my weapons, broke the ice and brushed them away. I must've looked like a primitive cave-man.I literally skidded and skated my way to the airport, praying all the while that I shouldn't end up like the poor sods sitting pretty in the ditches with their big SUVs waiting for help to arrive. I hate those big SUV types, with all the extra fittings, who think they are invincible in any type of weather conditions. Ultimately they end up in ditches because of this, sometimes taking other poor sods, like me, with them. To cap it all, it started raining and visibility became very poor.
After all this I obviously did miss my flight and ended up paying a penalty to get the next available flight home. Texas!! home sweet home!! Well, atleast for now.


Curious said...

:)) Reminds me of my infamous thud & crack in the NY subway.. Guess ppl were so used to seeing stupid woman fall down wear a 3 inch heels... No one really bothered... :D

But what the hell... Snow looks really good than the sand storm that I'm seeing outside my windows now!!!


Lone Star said...

Thats NY for you... Everyone's busy. I love snow too as long as I'm indoors and not driving.


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