Monday, February 18, 2008

All electronic items must be switched off at this time

Its quite a while since I posted something here. Life's pretty hectic. And oh yeah. I've been travelling a lot. Now last weekend I made a trip to Detroit on some work and to attend a birthday party for my friend's son. It was a 1st birthday party, so it was grand. On the day I was to fly there I remembered I had to buy a gift! Gawd, I'm bad at this. As I do for almost everything, I turned to Google for help. One link led to another and before I knew it I had decided to buy a "Laugh & Learn: Laughing Puppy" from the shop Babies'r'us. Jumped into my car and dashed to the nearest Babies'r'us and asked the attendant for the particular item. (My flight was in another 3 hours.) He somehow located one from the store room. I hurriedly packed it up, paid for it, went home took my stuff and was on the way to the airport congratulating myself on how efficient I was.

I'm at the terminal with my bags. Thought I heard my phone ringing. Took it out. No? might be somebody else's. Come on. There were a lot of people around me. And very noisy too. Somehow went through security. By this time I'd checked my phone multiple times for the mysterious call which never came through. Hmmm. Made my way to the gate and actually boarded the plane. Got into my seat. The plane is relatively less noisier you know, atleast until the flight attendant starts the blah blah blah announcements preparing you for the various Worst Case Scenarios. I was trying to squeeze my carry-on bag under the seat in front of me. At the same time the flight attendant was carrying on with "All electronic items must be switched off at this time.." There was a relative lull in the conversations and the announcements when something from inside my bag sang out "Pat a cake, Pat a cake bakers man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can".

The toy which I bought was so designed to sing various rhymes and songs when pressed at various parts of its anatomy. This over-sensitive puppy had been singing merrily whenever it got prodded and I'd failed to realize it.
I had to take it out and search for the battery which of course was discreetly and inconveniently situated. :( Thankfully I found an On/Off switch which did the trick. But the damage was done. Everyone around was smiling at my expense. Hey atleast I'm responsible for lightening people's moods in an otherwise drab life.
Glad it didn't happend while going through security.


Naanthaanga said...

That might have been quiet embarrassing, but still a nice funny moment.. :)

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