Thursday, December 27, 2007

The aliens are back!!

I tell you, The aliens are here. Right in our midst. Hiding in every conceivable machine we have. In disguise. Trying to screw us in every possible way. They reside in cell phones, computers, ATM Machines.. and yes Vending Machines!! Those darned vending machines with rows of neatly arranged snacks / sodas, beckoning to you when you are off-guard. when your mind looks for a diversion, any diversion, from the monotonous monitor-staring, mouse-clicking, keyboard-tapping work.
Now wait a minute, why am I yapping about aliens and vending machines? Overdose of MIB, you might think.
Let me explain. Here I was in front of the vending machine with my carefully collected fistful of coins.I should probably tell you here that this particular machine is so designed that when you put the coins or dollar bills in and press a alpha numeric code, the snack corresponding to the code will slide out and fall to the bottom of the machine. You have to reach down, push the little door open and get your stuff.
To get back to the story, I had a lot of small change so I decided to get rid of them. I carefully counted and dropped five and ten cent coins into the slot. The display showed me I had the right amount.Then again so carefully I pressed C7.(That is the snack I needed). I was in one of those gluttonous moods. I wanted to grab the bag, tear it open and gorge its contents immediately.The aliens residing in the machine learnt this piece of information by intercepting my strong brain waves.(I arrived at this conclusion later, as a result of serious retrospection).I saw the bag starting to slide down towards the edge of its row. As it was about to fall down I opened the little door below to pick it up as soon as it fell down. Wham! The sliding stopped and the bag of snacks, MY DELICIOUS CRUNCHY BAG OF SNACKS, was forcefully detained from joining its rightful owner, who had infact purchased it for a grand sum of 45 cents. 45 hard-earned cents shedding blood and sweat.(err... Overdid that a bit)! This is not fair at all!
I knew then and there it was the darned aliens. They had stopped the snack bag from falling down!!. They were probably laughing at the look of incredulity on my face. Those ugly buggers.
To top it all, they displayed a message on the little digital screen, "Have a nice day!".
There, I have told you. Have got it off my chest. My duty is done. They are there. Be Warned.

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