Monday, February 25, 2008

MegaReels' Mega News

Read this first and then proceed below.

Good Evening. You are watching MegaReel News. In todays breaking news, a girl of Indian origin, making a living in Stockholm stumbled upon an astounding invention that is causing quite a stir among the scientific community across the world. Here is a report.

Ms. Jane Doe(Name changed to protect privacy) had been experimenting with various moisturising creams to keep her skin moist during the harsh winter seasons. She tried a combination of moisturing creams which she purchased from a reputed brand name. She noticed her skin color change purplish when under direct sunlight. Filled with fear, excitement and curiosity, she tried a few more combinations and perfected the art of changing her skin color to any color she wants: green, yellow, red, pink!! You name it, she got it! This has led to her being teased as The Chameleon in her circle and later by the whole community. Scientists who are studying this phenomenon have dubbed it "The Chameleon Effect" and still analyzing the various creams used by her.

Meanwhile, an un-named official from one of the leading Production houses in Hollywood, which by the way is named after a sly animal of the previous 100 years, confirmed under conditions of anonymity that the production rights for the movie about The Chameleon have been purchased by them for a whopping 55 million dollars and 50 cents. Ms. Jane Doe has signed the contract and graciously accepted to act in the movie to be named The Chameleon Chronicles.

Word has come out, that the American CIA is quietly trying to recruit The Chameleon to use her in their quest for the elusive terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Unconfirmed sources within the CIA have said that they came out with this strategy after she successfully changed her skin to a light sandy shade exactly like the sands of the desert.

Our leading correspondent John Smith is reporting live from outside the apartment building of Ms. Jane Doe. Lets hear what he's got to say.

Anchor: Hi John. What is the situation out there?
John (Attempt at cheap humor): Its pretty chilly out here and my skin is getting dry. I'll get my moisturizing lotion.
Anchor(More cheap humor): Ha Ha. Don't show us your true colors John.
John: Well, a group of senior officials from the reputed company who produce these moisturizing creams have just arrived by chopper and rushed in to meet The Cham.. err Ms. Jane Doe. From what we are able to understand, they are here to make her sign a contract to hand over a percentage of whatever she earns out of the deals, since it was their product which have enabled this in the first place. We are still unclear about the terms of the contract. Ms. Jane Doe's attorney, Mr. Lee Zard is with her at this moment, helping her with the negotiations. This is John Smith. MegaReel News. Stockholm.
Anchor: That was John Smith with the developing story. Stay tuned for more MegaReel News after the break.


Curious said...

Those gals who like to wear "matching-matching" ensemble will surely be thrilled!!! :P

"successfully changed her skin to a light sandy shade exactly like the sands of the desert."

-- Yappa!!! Eppidinga epppidi laammm?

puranjoy said...

landed via the comment section of the purple post.

the humor wasn't cheap at all!

Lone Star said...

@Curious: Ellam adhuva varuthunga.. :)

@puranjoy: Thnx :)


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