Monday, March 03, 2008

Shucks!! :(

Monday Morning. You get in your car and drive like an automaton on the regular route to your office. You take the familiar bend on the road, barely awake and right in the middle of the road is a freshly run-over animal with all its entrails spilled out. Definitely dead. Poor thing. But by the time your mind processes this information its too late and you feel the sickening bump as the wheels run over it. :(
That should definitely ruin your morning. Wait, thats not all. You go home for lunch. Take the same path back to the office. Same bend in the road, barely awake, now, because of the heavy lunch. Again its too late to react and another sickening bump, though a slightly smaller one, as a direct result of so many other wheels running over it all morning. That ruins the rest of the day.
Is there a number to which you can call in the US and get the remains cleared off the road?

shucks!! :(


SK said...

I knowwww. Its saddening.

Arun Sundar said...

It is indeed sad.

This might provide some info I reckon.

Lone Star said...

Yes it is.. Its still there today :(

Thanks man. I'll take a look.

Curious said...

This is one of my everyday sights these days 's for I have to see atleast one cat carcass on the road every single day!

Ofcourse I'd as freaked out as u r if I have to see something larger...! But for now am used to seeing cat guts wide open on the road!! :-s

Lone Star said...

I'm used to seeing them too..But going over one, that too twice on the same day.. that is definitely not part of my daily routine..


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