Thursday, June 19, 2008

Warm Up

You have a blog. You have lot of time on your hands. But you've absolutely nothing to write about. Life goes on serenely and nothing happens at all. Day in, Day out.

Then one day everything changes. Lots of things are happening simultaneously. You are way over your head in it. Decisions to be taken on the financial, professional and personal front all at the same time. Big move from down south to out west, yet flying in and out every weekend..

I have a hundred different things to write about but not one single spare second. The worst part was I didn't have time to visit all the blogs I used to read everyday. Ferrari, Curious, Gayathri, Gawker, SK, Kodumai , tysonice and so many more.
And then Curious gave me a "wake up call". And that is the reason for this "warm up" post. I hope to post more frequently from now onwards.


Curious said...

Yayyyy... welcome back from the break! Didn't know ppl needed nudging to blog though... :D :D

Vijay said...


Tys on Ice said...

ok u been nudged...get with the programme...more posts...why dont u start with wht u did ...iam all ears..

btw, thanks for being a visitor...really.


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