Sunday, July 06, 2008

All Good Things...

...come to an end. An excellent week is coming to an end. I got to stay at home all week. Work from home. No travelling. Needless to say my wife was very happy and so was I. I'm getting ready yet again for my travel routine.
Moving has a lot of pros and cons. You move away from friends but get to make new friends. But there is this initial period where you don't know anyone. And its kinda uncomfortable, since my wife's staying alone for the whole week while I roam around.But thanfully for us, we got to meet another couple(G & A) who moved in recently, through a common friend K. We found we had similar interests and hit it off from day 1. We found out how we equally dislike this common friend. He is so dislikable. He loves to poke his nose into others business and totally indiscreet. He can't take a hint and gets on my nerves all the time. We have fun talking about him and trashing him. More about him later.
Me and my wife enjoy animation movies and make it a point take a trip to the Movies to watch the new ones.At home we generally like to watch the popular cartoons like Tom and Jerry and anything by disney and laugh like silly. They are like that too. It was amazing since most of our other friends make fun of us saying we watch cartoons like kids.
This week, after a long time, I got to do something I used to love. I was crazy about Video games. I still am. Since I was at home this week, and we had moved to CA, I dusted up my GTA San Andreas which is based on the West coast and played to my hearts content. I drove like mad, ran over rival gang members, looted, robbed, beat up drug dealers, knifed, shot and killed rival gang members with gay abondon. Ah.. it was bliss!! To top it all, I found out our new friends, er atleast the guy G is totally into games himself. We had so much to discuss about each of the different games, swap CDs, hints etc. And our wives got something to crib about and complain to each other.
I can say life is getting better. Things look good. I hope soon I will be able to settle down here or somewhere else with a non-travel job.

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