Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Its been quite a while since I blogged. And the title is totally unrelated to the post.

I'm watching the perfectly white and majestic hills around Salt Lake City, UT. Its really a sight to sore eyes, all this natural beauty and blah blah blah.. but this place sucks big time, after a while.
You can visit here for a short vacation, hit the slopes, look around a little bit and go back to where you came from. To live and work here is not something you should try to do. There is absolutely nothing at all here. Technically, I'm not living here. I travel back and forth and don't get me started on that!!
Anyway, we(me and a few other colleagues) went out for lunch. We were standing in line to place our orders and there were these four pretty girls standing behind us. One look at what they were wearing and we knew they were med students. The girls started a conversation with the last guy in our team. He being the only single guy in our team was pretty excited. This is how it went.

Girl: Hi!! Where're you from?
Guy(proudly): California. Actually L.A, you know.
Girl: Hmmm.. The weather should be great over there.
Guy (warming up): Oh Yeah. Bright and sunny.
Girl: You here on vacation?
Guy(feeling pretty important, knowing we were all listening): Oh no! I'm here on business. I'm a software consultant, you know, for company.
Girl: Wow. Thats cool!!
A pause. Smiling and nodding. Girls looking at each other and smiling.
Girl: So what do you do after work?
Guy(getting bold): Well.. I'm pretty stuffed up with work for most of the day.. Are there any good bars, clubs around here? Maybe you guys give me some tips or take me around.
Girl:Well.. there are a few good places (proceeds to name a few).
If you are interested, there are some pretty good high class places but would cost a bit more, you know.
Guy(now really into it): Well, that wouldn't be a problem for me.
A pause again and more smiling and nodding.
Girl(taking a deep breath): Don't take this personally.. but, do you have your teeth cleaned regularly? Do you have dental insurance?
Guy(totally taken aback): What?!! I mean why?.. I don't. But my teeth are quite good!! I take good care of them!!
Girl: Well, we are all dental students and you can have your teeth cleaned for just $5. Its very cheap. You can bring your friends too!!! are you interested?
Rest of us: (trying very hard not to burst out laughing)
Guy(going red in the face, thinking about the miserable meal he is gonna have to sit through with the rest of us): well.. yes... no... thank you... But I'm.. I'm good... thanks. See ya.. bye.
Waitress: sir..SIR!! Can I take your order please??!!

I would say that was a very good appetizer.. atleast for the rest of us.

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