Friday, May 15, 2009

Whats that smell?

Life has changed for the better. No more travelling. No more weekend flights. No more living like a hippy hopping from town to town.
Settling down which was a distant dream has become a reality. Life is bright and sunny. Every new day dawns with the chirping of birds, the fragrance of roses and.. and.. hey whats this mysterious new odor?
I park my car, walk to the office stairwell and open the door. BAM! it assaults all your senses to the max, the sun is shining no more, the roses have withered and this invisible unholy stench encompasses all around you. There in the center of it all is the source of it. Like in a western, with a glint in his eye, he looks at you, feeling the chills running up and down your spine. Knowing the terror he is causing. Everything happens in slow motion now. He slowly turns his back to you and lifts his tail and....
thats all I had to see... I ran. I ran for dear life.
Ladies and gentleman, this is my first(and hopefully the last) experience with a unique species of the animal kingdom called mephitis mephitis commonly known as the striped skunk.
He had gotten lost or something and took refuge in the stairwell of our office building. Numerous people who wanted to take the stairs had similar experiences like I had that morning. One of my colleagues took a good spray on her handbag and hair. Then things happened fast. Animal control was called and they removed him by whatever mysterious method which I dont want to know. They exploded something called deodorizing bombs in the stairwells.
After a week we can still smell the stench faintly in the stairwell and notice the yellow stains on the walls where the skunk had sprayed a liberal dose of his defense mechanism.
I've read a lot about skunks and always wondered how bad could the smell be. Now I know. I wish I never did. My mind can never forget this brutal attack on my olfactory sense.


SK said...

Now I want to know how it smelt! :--))

It's me Curious said...

Whoa! That must have been a nasty one! Jeez, how in the world did it sneek into your building? Good god!:D :D :D :D

Btw..did ya have a good laff abt it after :P

Lonestar said...

SK: Thats how I was thinking all these days. Don't. you'll regret it.

The stairwell is open at the ground level. Oh yeah. We spent the rest of the day swapping stink stories. :)


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